Hope – To change the World ?

How wonderful it philosophical system?

Hope – To change the World ?

If you think that it's hard

If you think that it’s hard to vary the lives of 10 people change their lives forever.

You’re wrong. I saw it happen a day in iraq and afghanistan. But changing the planet can happen anywhere and anyone can roll in the hay . 

So what starts here can indeed change the world?

You will likely fail often it’ll be painful it’ll be discouraging sometimes it’ll test you to your very core.

At that darkest moment of the mission.

Is a time once you got to be calm?

When you must be calm once you must be composed.

When all of your tactical skills your physical power and your inner strength?

Must be delivered to bear, If you would like to vary the planet , you want to be your absolute best within the darkest moments, If I even have learned anything in my time traveling the planet it’s the facility of hope.

If you think that it's hard

The power of 1 person a washington a lincoln king Mandela.

And even a lass from pakistan Malala one person can change the planet by giving people hope, Start every day with a task completed, Find someone to assist you there life respect everyone.

Know that life isn’t fair which you’ll fail often but if you’re taking some risks.

Step up when the days are the toughest face down the bullies lift up the downtrodden and never ever hand over 

If you are doing this stuff subsequent generation,

And the generations that follow will sleep in a world much better than the one we’ve today.

And what started here?

Will indeed have changed the planet for the higher .

Sacrifice is usually required on the road to your dream. 

The question is what are you willing to sacrifice?

I heard a story that was that was powerful.

It’s a story of a general who was leading his men into war and as they got into their fleet of boats

They were getting to take an island, As they reached the island the lads got off the boats and therefore the general gathered his men before they went into battle.

He checked out them and he gave them three words…burn the boats.


This is powerful because he’s telling them there’s no retreat absolutely, no retreat like option a is that the only option option b.

Isn’t possible and he uh instilled into his men a mindset of courage and clarity of conviction that allowed them to know .

That this is often the energy that you simply got to go and win this battle. the rationale why this story is so powerful because each and each one among us.

As we’re going into the battle of life, whatever it’s that we try to accomplish, this mindset is important such as you dream getters when you are going after a goal when you are going after your.

Aspirations when you are going after something which may feel different to you. it’d be bigger than the shoes that you’re in immediately .

What it’s telling you what the overall was telling his men was that i want your mindset to be ready For the war that we’ve ahead folks and oftentimes many folks step into new scenarios and new arenas with doubt.

We’re clouded with doubt and that we wonder why it’s so difficult for us to grow into the version of the simplest version of ourselves.

And if you do not have what you would like stop telling yourself the story because you do not have the cash all the time.

It’s because you haven’t committed yourself where you’d burn your boats.

If you would like to require an island.

Burn your boats and you’ll take the island because people when they’re gonna either die or succeed tend to succeed.

The general was watching his men and he understood that he needed to literally light a fireplace within them, he needed to ignite something in them that permit them know that he was getting to lead them to victory and zip else and oftentimes for several folks that’s a difficult mindset to urge into.

It is very difficult to step into a replacement arena a replacement situation a replacement environment and have the courage the arrogance the conviction and therefore the clarity to understand .

If you think that it's hard

That is yours for the taking. Hope – To change the World ?

Sometimes it’ll be time sometimes it’ll be effort. Sometimes it’ll require isolation

Sometimes it’ll require you to place yourself in environments where you’ve got to grow sometimes.

It will require

You to form new relationships and put yourself in environments that you are not conscious of .

Are you willing to form the?

Necessary sacrifices to become the person who you would like to be to travel after

That dream.

So my question to you

As we step into a replacement arena as we’re growing into the simplest version of ourselves.

Have we burned our boats?

What does one want to create? it isn’t keeping score your brain is keeping score because your brain is meant to stay you safe.

Your soul your intuition. Your human spirit is meant to form you sore. Hope – To change the World ?

When you get to the sting , Your brain will always tell you to step back. it is often getting to tell you to step back.

Because you’ll fall always it’s getting to tell you step back because before you fail.

The last time you probably did this you saw somebody else fail. you’ll hurt you’ll be off work.

It’s getting to tell you it’s designed to stay you safe. So you’ve got to be willing to play between your brain and your soul.

And on some days you bought to only hear your soul.

If you think that it's hard

This is a battlefield. Hope – To change the World ?

What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What are the opportunities to capitalize?

How am i able to cash in of this situation?

What am i able to learn? What am i able to recover at what books am i able to read what podcast am i able to listen to?

How do i exploit this point to urge better at my craft? 

That’s the question?

And then we gotta advance,

Oh, yeah, this is often the time to push.

This is the time to maneuver forward.

This is not the time to retreat i’m gonna repeat that this is often not the time to retreat. Somebody’s gotta win and it’d also be you. So Move… 

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